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Rhapsody En Dance (R.ED), a hybrid, bi-coastal dance company was established 2012 in New York, NY by artistic director and choreographer Rhapsody James. R.ED boldly makes a statement as a ‘company in motion’ shattering boundaries between concert and commercial dance.  R.ED successfully fuses hip hop, jazz, classical and contemporary styles of dance into one style creating energetic, cutting edge, revelatory and soulful themes  that are ‘unleashed’ onto the dance stage.


Without question Rhapsody James, creator of NY’s Broadway Dance Center’s ‘street jazz’ dance style, has developed a ‘new genre’ of dance for the professional stage. At the forefront of delivering spectacular technique and masterful performances R. ED reflects Ms. James’ exquisite artistry, deliberate purpose and memorable execution. R.ED the dance company aims to captivate and illuminate the dancer’s inner purpose. 

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